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Want to achieve some serious Health & Fitness Goals? We are here to support you!

At XBody New Zealand  we truly believe that Body Awareness and the ability to maintain your strength and energy during the day are the starting point for lasting Fitness & Wellbeing. Find out how by booking a Demo Session with us here

Everything we do, is to support you in having more energy to run your day or your business. We’d like to see you being strong enough to face everyday challenges and we’d like to support you in understanding your body and raising your body awareness.

More on our core values, our mission and vision here

What is EMS-Training and how does it work? Watch it here


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EMS-Training principles associated with exercise: I’ll just do this for 20 everyday?

Training that is effective, efficient and enjoyable follows a set of ‘rules’ that ensure you can achieve success. This blog attempts to simply describe these rules, or principles to help you understand how each XBODY [...]

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness after an EMS-Training session or: I’m so sore I can’t lift my coffee cup

Chances are your XBODY EMS-Training session has gone great. You felt strong, you could complete the exercises and although weary you know that it’s been an effective workout. The next day you stride confidently around [...]

The Physiology of EMS-Training or What is going on in my muscles?

An electrical impulse from the brain or an electrical pulse from an external electrode causes the same result for a muscle – it must contract. XBODY NZ provides you with a suit with electrodes that sit over your larger muscles. These electrodes force the muscle to contract at a much stronger level so as you perform relatively simple movements; squats, lunges and arm raises you feel a large contraction occurring. This makes the simple movements relatively difficult and intense, but the results are impressive, and the intensity is temporary. Understanding how muscles contract can help with understanding how EMS-Training can supplement your conventional training regime.

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